Monday, 22 August 2011

My 1st Blog

Hello peeps,

Happy Monday!

Thought it was about time I dragged myself into the here and now and sorted out this blogging lark!

We were at the Rewind Festival in Henley last weekend and didn't let the rain dampen our sprits on Saturday. Would've been great if I'd been able to take a Gazebo or POP Up from the office to keep us a bit drier but it was packed as it was!

All the bands were fab and kept the crowd singing in the rain. I can't believe Bananarama looked the same as I remember and oh my doesn't  Billy Ocean still know how to work the crowd and who'd have thought I'd see over 30,000 people doing the YMCA with the Original Village People. 

Sunday was even better with the fab sunshine and great line up to match.  Next year we will definitely be taking a flag or some sort of banner from work to help find our way back from the bar/toilets etc.

It looks as though the summer may now be over but at least we managed to get a few sunny days in.

We're looking forward to Rewind next year.