Thursday, 19 January 2012


Printers may tell you they can print both sides of the banners, without telling you the whole story!

The vast majority of fabric banners are printed onto lightweight material with a reverse show-through of 80%+ meaning that, brands and messages are read in reverse on the backside...This is not a double-sided banner!

Fabric for printing on both sides is very specialist and is used only sparingly. This fabric is much too heavy and expensive to be cost effective and reliable for event Banner Branding Solutions.

At Expandasign we use a unique manufacturing process that incorporates the clever use of lightweight, robust material and treating it with sophisticated, specialist light-barrier coating before the print process has even begun. Once printed and heat cure, the two printed pieces are sewn back-to-back to produce TRUE double-sided printed products.

The requirement for TRUE double-sided print has increased dramatically and currently accounts for over 75% of our production of the ever popular Flying, Feather & Wing Banners.

This Primary Technology has enabled us to revolutionise quality print solutions for all our client needs.

All our fabrics are tailored for their specific uses, each undergoing a raft of specialist treatments and coatings using patented processed at our factory. Our quest for the perfect solution also filters right through to the printing, where the highest quality inks and technologies are used to give the quality demanded by our clients for both double-sided and single-sided banners.

At Expandasign we pride ourselves in being Industry leaders in Portable, Instant Advertising.

Thanks for reading,
EAS Myth Dispelling Team

Friday, 6 January 2012

Welcome Back and Happy 2012!

At Expandasign we'd like to say a big welcome back after what I hope was an enjoyable and hopefully restful, break. 

I'm sure you like us have finally managed to clear out the junk email and settle into looking forward to the excitement of the year ahead. With so much to look forward to this year, we know that early planning is the key.  Remember that whatever the event Expandasign will have a solution for you. 

Our website will show you the full product range including the all NEW Ex Up and the old faithful teardrop banners & gazebos.

As in previous years December saw our annual donation to Ethelbert Child and Youth Care Centre (a home supporting homeless children in South Africa.) The thank you letter was touching so we thought we’d share it with you.