Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Never be afraid to ask

                                                    Sporting Social Hanging Cylindrical

We have, for over 10 years now, had some strange requests from left field as to whether we can do this or that.

Sometimes we have already done, so can point to actual examples.

Often we can say no we don’t, but there’s no reason why not and so do, and on the very odd occasion where we can’t, we will invariably know a man that can.

However, sometimes we get thrown a curved ball that just makes us go Doh! Why aren’t we offering this already?

And so today it was thus. One of our longstanding resellers phoned us and asked if we can print our hanging Cylindrical banners double-sided?

I paused and processed this question.

And this is how it went in my head.

Can we? Of course we can. The same way we make our double-sided Flying Banners? Yep, no reason not to. Will it stop the cylindrical folding properly? No, of course not, don’t be silly. Are there any downsides? No.

This took but a couple of seconds, so I could answer in the affirmative.

Maybe I ought to tell you too that we can also infill the bottom of these Cylindricals too, with or without printing.

                             Clever Retail Use                              Corporate Branding

These are versatile display products to get a message across and with the Exhibition season now getting into full swing, a cost effective solution worthy of consideration.

But the main point to all this is never be afraid to ask if we can do something you can’t find on our website. Maybe you’ll ask for something we should have already thought of too!

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