Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The FIFA World Cup 2014

Well, it’s nearly upon us. The 2014 FIFA world Cup from Brazil. An opportunity for each of the fans from the 32 nations represented to live every moment. Kick or head every ball. Make every tackle. All from the safety of our armchairs or bar stool!

There is a need in us all to support our teams, whatever we might think of their chances and so it is with us.

We’ve put up some of our own banners at work decorated with the cross of St.George. That they might only be up for a week is neither here nor there, they are a statement of intent.


 Forget the banners for a moment, look at that blue sky!!!!

32 nations represented in one competition.

What you might not know, is that Expandasign are represented in more than TWICE that many countries.

So if you’re looking for Global Branding Solutions, as well as local, you need look no further than Expandasign, a born winner. Unlike our boys who will do their best and we’ll still cheer them on!

Good luck England.